Published On: June 6, 2013

I tend to bring back somewhat non-traditional goodies from my various excursions.  I don’t have much use for tshirts.  I am always drawn to pretty drawings of the places I go, but I never manage to get them framed and hung.  Pretty much if it’s meant to be sold as a souvenir, I’m not so interested.  Three of my very favorite possessions in the whole world are the tiny little salt pot we brought back from Bulgaria, the sea glass we brought back from Maine, and the stick we brought back from Nova Scotia.  That stick is on the ‘grab when packing the car to flee the hurricane list’ (granted, an unlikely situation in Ohio, but you never know).

I’m continuing the tradition with what I bring home from this trip.

That’s 19 yards of beautiful buttery soft gray/beige linen (as a side note, 19 yards of fabric is freaking heavy…and huge…I had no idea), a whack of very expensive buttons (but they were oh so perfect for the project), and that fabric string stuff (which I have now learned is called twill tape). All from Britex, which was more than a bit overwhelming.

These will all be magically combined (once I’m home…I did not bring a sewing machine on the trip) to become new duvet covers and pillows.  I’ve been wanting linen ones forever, but I can’t justify the cost.  Making them myself isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a bit less, and I’ll get exactly what I want.

I’ll be detailing the making (likely at nauseating length…I’m bad at sewing but good at spatial reasoning and crackerjack at origami, so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too hard) once I’m home.  Well, once I’m home and back from TNNA and have gotten over the trip funk.  But I have a suspicion this will be one hell of a souvenir.

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