Ok so you were undoubtedly a much cooler kid than I was. But I, utter weirdo that I was, was absolutely convinced that adulthood would involve a significant number of important things tucked away in secret hiding places. What can I say, I was a credulous child, and I read a lot of really bad spy novels. But for a while there, the idea of a book with a secret compartment was just about the coolest thing I could imagine. My actual adulthood has, alas, turned out to be rather lacking in the sorts of intrigue and adventure my eight year old self was anticipating. But somehow a tiny little knitted book, complete with handy storage compartment, still holds a certain appeal (or, possibly, it’s that I’m just utterly unable to resist the charms of a good tin or a little slide out box). Now it's true, I'll be using mine to hold stitch markers and darning needles and scissors and a tape measure, rather than cash and jewels and forged documents and some sort of clever device that will let me foil a dastardly plot at the last possible second. But really, I suspect that's probably for the best.
November 2, 2022|


These are absurd. They serve no practical purpose. You cannot wear them (they are tiny and if you tried to scale them up to human size, they would be way too floppy). You cannot do anything even remotely useful with them. I will not pretend that you’re going to do anything at all with them other than knit them, set them somewhere cute, and grin helplessly when you see how unspeakably adorable they are. Or possibly, knit them, inflict them on unsuspecting friends and family, and grin helplessly when you see them realize how unspeakably adorable they are. And if that’s enough for you, well then that’s grand. We could all use more things that fill us with helpless glee right about now! But if you’re wanting me to talk you into believing that they’re useful and practical and that they’ll solve some problem in your life, I can’t quite bring myself to do it. But my goodness are they ever cute!
October 4, 2022|


I have a somewhat fraught relationship with what some folks call mindless knitting. I often reach for my knitting when I need a distraction from the world. If a project is too mindless, it won’t provide the necessary level of diversion. Worse yet, if it’s too mindless, I’ll get bored and never actually finish. And then the project will go to the pile of abandoned dreams in the corner and make me feel no end of guilt. But not this time! This time I absolutely raced through what is, by any reasonable measure, fairly simple knitting. Because this time, when I was done, I knew that I was going to do something absolutely enchanting. I was going to embroider all over my knitting! Should this have been enough motivation to push me through yet one more round of plain stockinette? Probably not. Was it? Oh very much so. Will it work for you? Every knitter is different, so I can’t make any promises, but I suspect it very well might!  
January 23, 2023|


Look, I am not even going to try and convince you that you need these. Either you looked at them, fell instantly in love, and began spinning out a whole complicated tale for them (their names are Owlbert and Owllison. They own a combination secondhand bookshop and cafe. Owlbert makes the best popovers you've ever seen, and Owlllison has a knack for tracking down that book you loved when you were a kid but can't remember). Or you’re a normal, respectable adult who is not susceptible to such nonsense. Either way is cool, and we can still totally be friends even if you’re not as easily distracted by the absurd and adorable as I am. But if you are easily distracted? If you do feel a sudden longing to know what the owls get up to when no one is around? If you’re pretty convinced they’re having tea with the foxes and going on adventures with the raccoons? Well then you’re my kind of people, I think you’ll love these as much as I do. And I think we’re going to have a marvelous time together!
August 22, 2022|


This was the very first bit of tiny nonsense I ever knit. I was having a bad time. I’d broken my leg. I couldn’t get comfortable to knit for more than twenty minutes at a time. Everything felt absolutely impossible. So I knit these. I knit piles and piles and piles of these sweet, silly little distractions. I almost didn’t write a pattern because I truly wasn’t sure anyone needed any such thing. But when I shared a few pictures, folks were absolutely besotted. So I wrote them up, and they’ve been one of my most popular patterns ever since. I am truly delighted that you love them as much as I do! They’ve shown up as decorations or favors at weddings and baby showers and birthday parties. They’ve been tucked in lunch boxes and book bags and coat pockets on both hard days and happy ones. They’ve found their way into envelopes and through the mail to folks who needed a little surprise. They’ve shown up on Christmas trees and garlands and mobiles. They’re basically the perfect way to turn a few dozen yards of yarn and a few hours of knitting into a tiny token of good will that you can hand out as needed.
January 11, 2023|
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