Monthly Reminder

Every month I do a post saying 'abortions are good' & send a donation to Aid Access. I don't do this because I think my donations are enough to do actually fix anything. I know they're not. I do it because I want as many people as possible to know that abortion pills are safe and effective. That you can get them online, by mail, everywhere in the US (even in places where abortion is banned). That you can get them right now, even if you're not currently pregnant (they keep for several years). And that you can get them, [...]

December 30, 2023|

Monthly Reminder

When we get to vote, Americans overwhelmingly support protecting and expanding abortion access. In the year and a half since a handful of Supreme Court justices restricted the bodily autonomy of half the country's population, voters in at least seven states (including red states like Ohio) have voted in favor of abortion access. That's because most of us realize that we want to be able to decide for ourselves if we want to be pregnant. Most of us want our doctors to be able to help us if we or a loved one have a medical emergency while pregnant. Even [...]

November 30, 2023|

Monthly Reminder

Every month I write a post saying "abortions are good" and send a donation to Aid Access. And this month, I actually have some good news to share! There's a new, faster way for folks in states with restrictive abortion bans to get abortion pills. Everyone, no matter what state they live in, can order abortion pills online (even if you're not currently pregnant, even if you just want to have them on hand just in case or because you're worried you won't be able to get them later if you need them). But until recently, if you lived in [...]

July 27, 2023|
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