Tacit (plus giveaway)

I know quite a few of you have been eagerly awaiting these.  So, for anyone in a tearing hurry, let me just go ahead and say Tacit are out.  You can grab them and cast on right now.  But do swing back by when you have a moment, as I've got yarn to give away down below! So I know lots of folks watched this one come together (someone linked to one of the early posts about them on pinterest and it sort of blew up, which is totally nifty).  And the thing I kept getting asked over and over [...]

June 7, 2016|

And now we block

So, progress on several fronts.  Slippers are done. Cuffs are done. I have a small pile of ends to weave in and then everything needs to be blocked (because wow is there a difference between blocked and unblocked folks, block your knitting), but this is nifty.

April 12, 2016|

Any Second Now

I probably can't, in good conscience, continue to pepper you with pictures of these and their incremental growth for too much longer.  So it's a good thing they're almost done. The finished mitt has seven zigs, and the almost finished one is just at the end of zig six, so it really shouldn't be much longer at all. And of course it's grown a thumb (which will, I promise, be much more tidy after I block it).  So the next time I sit down and knit for an hour or two, they should be done! Pssst, the Phaeodaria pattern is [...]

April 3, 2016|

Continue to zig and zag

Nearly done.  The sort of nearly done where could almost talk yourself into just going ahead and banging it out, but your elbow really sort of hurts, and you know if you do keep going you'll totally pay for it the next day. So it's waiting (because much as I love you all, I want to still be able to knit in five years, so I'm not going to knit when it hurts me).  But it shouldn't have to wait much longer!

April 1, 2016|

One to go

Number two on the way! Does anybody else sort of do the math on how many stitches a project has and how many you've done and keep obsessive track of your progress?  Or is it too depressing?  Anyone want to guess just how many stitches are in one of those mitts?  It's way more than I thought... Oh, and just a tiny heads up.  Diluvian are coming back out Tuesday.  They're sort of a secret favorite of mine, and I'm thrilled to be bringing them back.  Be sure you're on the mailing list if you want a heads up (and [...]

March 14, 2016|

One down

Well then, that came together rather nicely. That zig-zag thing is way more entertaining than it has any right to be (and easy too, it's just cables). And with something that showy going on in front, it seemed best to keep the rest of it fairly plain, so the thumb is nicely understated. The second of the pair is on the needles and should be done in the next few weeks (the slipper may be taking an unfair share of my attention just now, so it may take a bit longer than you'd think).  And yes there will totally be [...]

March 10, 2016|


Every now and then we have to remind our yarn who's boss. If it helps you can totally chant 'I am smarter than the yarn, I am smarter than the yarn, I am smarter than the yarn' under your breath. Totally worth it in the end though, you'd never know it threw a little fit.

March 5, 2016|

I didn’t forget

So normally I'm a one project knitter.  I almost never have two projects on the go at once.  But the slipper distracted me and I jumped ship, right in the middle of the zig-zag mitt.  Lovely though the slippers are, I haven't totally abandoned the mitt.  It is getting a thumb now and really only needs about two more hours of knitting to be done.  Of course then I have to make the second one, and I'm pretty sure second sock syndrome isn't unique to socks... Oh, and just in case you missed it earlier, the little special on first [...]

February 28, 2016|

Yup, yup totally cute

Someone linked to this on pinterest, and we've had lots of folks stopping by (hi, welcome!). If you're looking for the pattern, it's called Tacit and it's live on ravelry now. And if you want to be sure to hear whenever I have a new book or pattern out (plus get a free pattern right now), you can sign up for my mailing list. I told you this would come together.  I mean I fully admit last time it looked a bit crumpled and um, nondescript.  Let's go with that.  But now? Now it's got much more character.  And as [...]

February 22, 2016|
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