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Dear Human, After careful consideration, it has been decided that your proposed trip will not be allowed.  In your application, you failed to note how this trip would result in increased kitten happiness.  You also failed to provide a detailed list of the steps you planned to take to ensure we continued to receive our daily allotment of chin scratches, belly rubs, and ear kisses.  You didn't even outline the bribes you would procure to garner our favor upon your return. This inattention to detail is disappointing, and no future travel plans will be approved if you do not take [...]

June 21, 2012|

Why Knitters Have Kittens

It may, at first, seem an unlikely pairing.  Kittens are not known for their restraint.  They have been found to have an unholy love for yarn, which doesn't end well for either of the parties involved.  They are often convinced that laps are meant for them, not for pesky bits of knitting. But they do have some advantages.  If you come up the stairs and see this: You can be pretty sure there's some sort of flying critter somewhere up there.  Kittens are excellent moth detection systems.  Vigilant, diligent, and very very dedicated.  The moth has now been snuffed out [...]

April 17, 2012|

Helper Cat, Part II

Having seen Levon's efforts to aid household order as in the previous post, Barry decided to get in the action too.  He absolutely refused to leave the socks alone so I could get a picture of them.  Instead, he sat beside them.  He patted them with his paw.  He laid on them.  He generally made it clear that I was supposed to be taking a picture of him and not of something as inconsequential as a silly sock. So here he is, expressing his displeasure that I'm still putting socks in what should clearly be a picture just of him.  [...]

February 10, 2012|


The kitten overlords have decreed that I may not use my desk chair.  It has been commandeered for their nefarious purposes.  They suggest checking back later to see if they're done with it, but they make no promises. Update:  Shortly after posting this, the rat fink bastards devious little brats kittens upped the ante in their quest to keep me from being productive.  They swarmed me, all three at once, on the tile floor.  It was a choice between dropping what I had in my hands and grabbing the sink or going ass over teakettle and landing in the middle [...]

October 28, 2011|

Moving Target

The goal had been to take a picture of the little yellow bit of knitting.  See? Yeah.  I know.  I hardly see it either.  I'm too busy being gobsmacked by Barry and his magical kitten magnatism. Once you're done making eyes with Barry, if you can bear to look away, you'll see a wee bit of yellow in the bottom.  The knitting bit of that is all done, and I'm about to do the making up part of it.  Should be cool. But not nearly as cool as Barry.  Because right now, nothing is as cool as Barry.

September 11, 2011|

Sock Summit Part V, In Which Yarn is Obtained

I always feel a bit of a need to apologize for the yarn that I buy.  I feel like I should justify it or explain it or excuse it.  But really, that's silly.  This is my business, and it requires yarn.  So I bought some.  I have a suspicion you might like yarn too, so I thought I'd share it with you.  And just so you know, Barry is not generally allowed on the table, but I was feeling guilty about having been gone, so I couldn't bear to shoo him down. The picture gets alarmingly big if you click [...]

August 7, 2011|

Ironing, Now With More Stabbing

This is how I made my curtains.  I'm telling you all about it because it's what I did (instead of knitting) for much of last week.  That means I don't have much knitting to tell you about.  It is likely not how you should make your curtains.  You should probably do it the proper way.  The way that involves lining, and special feet for your sewing machine, and possibly interfacing (whatever that actually is...I'm still unsure).  The way that doesn't speak so poorly of your mental health. 1 - Buy an old house.  The older the better.  This ensures that [...]

April 10, 2011|

I Will Save You

So I've mentioned before that we have two wee kittens.  They're not actually so wee anymore (Barry here is closing in on 15 pounds) but we still insist on calling them kittens.  Now I have long suspected that Barry is the most knitterly of the two fellows.  He's the one playing with the spindle in that earlier post.  He's also the one hopelessly smitten by his wool pet.  But now I've had it confirmed.  You see I have this giant sweater coat.  It's like an over-sized cardigan.  It's warm and soft, and I often throw it on over whatever I'm [...]

November 20, 2010|


Every now and then I get these fits (and those who have seen them will testify that 'fits' is really the best word) where I have to get rid of stuff.  Blame my peripatetic childhood, blame years spent in tiny apartments, blame the stars.  Sometimes I just must.throw.things.away.right.now.  It works for us.  It lets us live in a smaller-than-average house and still have plenty of space. I was in the middle of one of these fits the other day, and my attention fell on my craft closet.  I have recently realized that I just don't care for spinning.  Heresy, I [...]

April 26, 2010|
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