Smidgen, Snippet, Sliver (plus coupon code)

A year or so ago, I took down a bunch of my early patterns.  They were lovely, but they weren't quite as polished as my current work, so down they came.  I've been revamping them (new layouts, new charts, updated text, and often new pictures and more sizes) and rereleasing them as time allows.  It's always so much fun to bring old favorites back and show them off again, all shiny and new!  Today I'm bringing Smidgen, Snippet, and Sliver back out. Long time readers will remember these from when the painters came and made my house unbearably loud.  I [...]

December 5, 2014|

New Pattern, Ameliorate (Plus Coupon)

ameliorate: verb -to make better or more tolerable Every now and then, I hear from someone who says they like my designs...they just wish I put them out more frequently.  Now my first response is to be flattered.  That's actually a lovely thing to say. My second response is a tiny bit less charming.  As of today, I've got 93 designs listed over on Ravelry.  The first one came out in March of 2009.  That's 93 designs in 44 months, or a bit over 2 a month.  That's an average of one every other week, for more than three and [...]

October 1, 2012|

Goodies All Around

I now have further proof that yarn people are unbearably awesome.  The marvelous Chris Roosien swung by yesterday and saw you guys talking about her lovely Briar Rose yarn.  She noticed that some of you hadn't (yet) fallen prey to the wonders of her offerings.  So now, in addition to having sent me a skein of Wistful to give away, she's also going to give everyone a discount.  That should help tempt a few of you newbies to give it a try (and perhaps convince a few of you who already know all about it to get yourselves a little [...]

July 26, 2012|
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