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  I'm home safe, and I owe you lots more San Francisco posts.  But today is dedicated to TNNA prep (why yes, yes I do leave for that on Friday...and yes, yes indeed that is quite soon after returning from the previous trip...and now that you mention it, that is making me just the smallest bit crazy). But, sensing that I was in danger of not posting here often enough during this transition, Kitten Overlord Douglas helped ensure that there were adorable hi-jinx to report.  He did this by climbing in to the sample box, nestling riiiiiiiight on in, closing [...]

June 18, 2013|

Sort of

Goal: Grab a picture of a sock to show the blog that you've not totally abandoned knitting. Plan of Action: Toss sock on blocker, set blocker on chair, snap picture. Actual set of Actions: Toss sock on blocker, set blocker on chair, prepare camera.  Douglas senses the presence of yarn, leaps immediately into action, and tries desperately to subdue the evil yarn and protect me from its nefarious intention.  Snap picture of kitten frolicking instead of sock. Result: Well, you can see the sock.  Sort of.  A bit.  It's not precisely in focus (nor is the kitten for that matter...he's [...]

July 5, 2012|

Helper Cat, Part III

Douglas apparently didn't want to be left out of the helper cat parade.  To this end, he decided to assist me with my mitt blocking. You will never meet a more water-loving cat.  He sits on the edge of the tub when we shower, he plays with the faucet when we wash our hands or brush our teeth, and he's in the sink up to his elbows for a splash party every time we fill the sink.  Put something (say...knitwear) in there at the same time and it's more or less a Douglas theme park.  Which is why my faucet [...]

February 19, 2012|

Loot, Part 2

Apparently I also got an extra and unexpected goodie when I bought my yarn.  The bag I got at Romni has proven to be the most coveted cat toy in the land.  All three kittens have been in, on, and under it at various points since I've been home.  Right now Douglas seems to have conquered it and declared it his personal fort.  He has absolutely no intention of vacating this seat of power.  Move it at your own peril.

January 18, 2012|


Many moons ago, and mostly on a lark, I filled out a little form on the Maker's Mark website. It said it would add you to their ambassador's club. I think I likely found it when looking for address labels or something like that. It's since been a source of a surprising amount of amusement. The address labels came, but so did other things. For you see, every winter they send out some sort of special little package. One year it was an ice cube tray that  made baseball sized ice spheres.  One year it was wrapping paper and gift [...]

December 18, 2011|

Potato Chips

To make sense of my morning, you need to know two things. First, I do not relish the thought of going to the dentist.  I have a lovely dentist...skilled, accommodating, and handy with the prescription pad.  But still, it is not my favorite place to go.  Second, my friends have awesome children.  I'm not normally a big fan of kids.  Children as a class are known to be sticky, noisy, and a bit pungent.  But not the children of my friends.  They are all paragons of virtue, charming conversationalists, and very rarely sticky. Now you might not think that these [...]

December 8, 2011|

Not Productive

This weekend was not productive.  I did not clean my house.  I did not do my laundry.  I did not proof the book.  I did not write up a new pattern. I didn't even knit. I ate tasty food.  I read books (fiction books...not scholarly books...an unheard of luxury). I may have even had a tiny little nap. And I played games.  Lots and lots of games.  Douglas approved and was happy to help.  He seemed to prefer this one, as the box makes an excellent kitten nest. But fear not, there was quite a lot of actual productive work [...]

November 28, 2011|


The kitten overlords have decreed that I may not use my desk chair.  It has been commandeered for their nefarious purposes.  They suggest checking back later to see if they're done with it, but they make no promises. Update:  Shortly after posting this, the rat fink bastards devious little brats kittens upped the ante in their quest to keep me from being productive.  They swarmed me, all three at once, on the tile floor.  It was a choice between dropping what I had in my hands and grabbing the sink or going ass over teakettle and landing in the middle [...]

October 28, 2011|


When someone rings your doorbell and hands you a kitten, you might want to try hard not to see the kitten.  Instead, you might want to see the very tall stack of vet bills (all carefully timed to coincide with other expenditures like house painting and vacations and car repairs).  You probably won't succeed.  The power of kitten cuteness to overcome good sense is quite impressive.  I obviously did not succeed and was instead overcome with the cuteness of the fluff.  Which is why Douglas and I went to the vet yet again yesterday.  He has an ear infection, and [...]

October 6, 2011|
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