Ensnared (plus giveaway)

Do you realize how long it's been since we had a shiny new sock pattern around here?  It was back in November.  That's just not cool!  We need more socks, and I think Ensnared are just the ticket. That's a nice classic sock to jump back in with, isn't it now!  There's just something about a perfect ribbed sock that's hard to beat.  They fit so well and feel so good on your feet and you can totally get away with them if your sock target insists on fairly sedate socks. And, if you have a yarn as beautiful as [...]

April 18, 2017|

Secret Benefactor

Someone, unbeknownst to me, featured my Popped socks on Whip Up as part of their Week of Socks! I only found out about it because someone on Ravelry was kind enough to to bring it to my attention. I was quite thrilled. There may have been squeaks of delight and hops of glee. Maybe. I could be far too dignified for such things. Possibly even stoic. I must see if I can contact my secret benefactor and find out how she found them in the first place. I'm dreadfully curious. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a new sock is on [...]

April 6, 2009|
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