Engineering Sphere

Back when I was a (delusional) engineering student, I had to take my fair share of physics classes.  Some might say slightly more than my fair share.  One of my professors had an odd and somewhat alarming propensity to set us problems that involved livestock.  Cows on ice skates.  Sheep in catapults.  Horses on pogo sticks.  The imagery was actually quite disturbing and rather makes me wonder about his misspent youth.  Each of these problems would end with the line, 'for ease of calculation, assume the animal is a sphere.' Now the distinction between a mathematical sphere and an engineering [...]

September 28, 2012|

The Mysteries of Gauge

On a lot of my recent patterns, I've included a wee little chart like this.  The shaded column on the left is gauge (in stitches per inch).  The shaded row on the top lists the various sizes the pattern is written in.  The cells in the middle tell you what size finished object you'll get if you make a given size at a given gauge.  So with this chart, if you were working at a gauge of 4.5 stitches per inch, and you make the size medium, you'll get a hat with a finished size of 20 inches. This demonstrates [...]

May 25, 2011|

Unreasonably Helpful

I went ahead and added the elastic, and it made a huge difference.  I used Dritz Thin Beading Cord Elastic which I found at my local Joann store for all of $1.59.  I ran four strands of it through the knit stitches on the inside of the hat's ribbing at the brim, one each at the first, third, fifth, and seventh round of stitches.  It took all of five minutes and it has totally improved the hat beyond all reason.  It is now just the right kind of snug...not tight enough to leave marks on my forehead, but not loose [...]

December 1, 2010|
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