Complect (plus giveaway)

The pattern for Complect, the lovely twisty cabled socks, is now up on ravelry.  I'm smitten with them, so I'm going to indulge in some pictures, then we'll do that useful information thing (complete with handy dandy yarn giveaway, so do read on). These hit that perfect knitter sweet spot for me...there is enough going on to keep your interest, but not so much that they're hard.  They are appealing to both guys and girls.  And they work in a bunch of yarns (the pattern is written for gauges of 7, 8, and 9 stitches per inch, so you've got [...]

January 5, 2015|


Those lovely blue cabled socks?  The ones you kept asking about?  They'll be going up for sale on Tuesday.  This is just a heads up so you can go pick yarn and make plans (it's written for either 7, 8, or 9 stitches per inch so you'll be able to use whatever thickness speaks to you, I've used Frog Tree's Pediboo Sport Tonal and I loved it). And just as a reminder, folks on the mailing list will get a notification when it goes up and (usually) also get a coupon or some other special goody when new patterns come [...]

January 3, 2015|

That’ll Do

Well, that's done then.Or, I suppose technically, that's the knitting done.  Close observers may note the lingering presence of two needles, indicating that there's still a bit of kitchnering and weaving in of ends to be done.  And of course a bit of blocking, photographing, and pattern writing (yes, there will be a I'm not sure when...this year would be a good goal but I make no promises). But again, I'm taking the 'celebrate small victories' approach to life these days.  Or, failing that, the 'all my other projects are giant and span months if not years...this I can [...]

October 1, 2014|


This is rapidly approaching the point where it could actually be considered nearly done.  It's not quite there yet, but the second sock is about 75% done, so we're getting close. It really does knit quickly...when I sit down and actually work on it.  That is, every time I manage to have a bit of knitting time, I'm surprised by what I've accomplished.  I just don't seem to find much time to actually sit and knit lately (you see, there's this other book that's about to come out, and it's taking all of my time). This will likely be the [...]

September 25, 2014|


I distinctly recall thinking that this sock was going quickly.  I spent the whole first sock thinking how it was just clicking along at record speed and would be done in no time.  This is not holding true for sock two. Now, it is certainly taller than it was.  I'm part way through the heel flap and have every reason to suspect it will be finished at some point in the reasonably near future.  But it is not astonishing me with its blazing speed. If one of you could please have stern words with it about catching up with its [...]

September 16, 2014|

Small Steps

Knitting teaches us the importance of small steps.  Do the math.  That hat?  That sock?  That shawl?  They all have an alarming number of stitches in them.  So many that, if you stop to think about the numbers involved, you may go a bit weak in the knees.  So today I am declaring it enough to have started the second of these socks. Sure, I'd like to be turning the heel or heading into the toe.  But those things won't happen until I start.  And start I have.  So I'm calling that a step in the right direction and taking [...]

September 11, 2014|

Universally Acknowledged

I feel a crushing need to start this post with a shameless riff on the opening of Pride and Prejudice, but I'm trying to suppress my baser instincts.  We'll just leave it that I am most definitely in want of the mate to this sock. That's Pediboo Sport by Frog Tree, and I'm delighted with how it worked up.  I'll be writing the pattern for these down before I knit the second one and will likely be calling for testers for it in the next week or two (If you're itching to test, there's information over here on how to [...]

August 13, 2014|

Playing Favorites, Part 2

We talked a little while ago about the sock yarns for the upcoming book, but that book won't all be sock-y goodness.  There are lots of other delightful projects too, and that means more yarn.  I've just now gotten the last of the yarns in, so that meant it was time to bring them all together for a group shot. I really am rather madly in love with all of these, and I bet there are a few here that will be new to you. Starting up at the top left, the pink one there is Manos Fino in Rosewater [...]

August 9, 2014|

Fits and Spurts

The sock is growing.  It's firmly in the 'I am clearly a sock and am recognizable as such to non knitters' stage of the process, which I always find reassuring.  But I've let it sit, unattended, for a few days now, and it has completely and totally failed to finish itself. I think I'll give it another day or two and see if there is any spontaneous knitting.  I wouldn't want to give up on the experiment too soon.  If we could make that work, it would be rather nifty. If that doesn't work out, I'm sure one or two [...]

August 4, 2014|
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