Indie Gift-A-Long

It's that time of year again. Well actually, that works on several counts. It's Indie Gift-A-Long time, and it's also, for at least some of you, panicked gift knitting time.⁠ Now first, I'm going to say right at the top that I think you should only knit gifts if you want to (and please oh please only for people who are worth the time), and you should probably spend way more of your precious time (and yarn!) knitting awesome things for yourself. But if you're the sort who is so darn nice you just can't stop yourself from knitting for [...]

November 27, 2019|

Indie Gift-a-Long

I know, I know.  Two posts in one day, what is the world coming to?  But this is just a super quickie.  I'm dashing in to mention that the Indie Gift-a-Long starts tonight on ravelry. What's the Gift-a-Long you ask?  The short version is I, and hundreds of other designers, have picked some of our very favorite designs and put them all on sale.  You can see the 20 patterns I have on sale right here, and you can get 25% off them with the code: giftalong2014 The slightly longer version (the one that explains all the games and prizes [...]

November 13, 2014|
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