This is your occasional reminder to put set your thumb stitches aside on waste yarn (rather than a spare needle or a cable needle) if you have the choice. Yes, that sometimes means finding scissors (to snip off a few inches of the yarn) or a darning needle (to run said yarn through the stitches).  But especially if it's the first mitt of the pair, doing it this way lets you try it on and make sure you're happy with how long you've made the mitt before you start the thumbs. I know I had a few pairs of mitts [...]

January 16, 2019|

So let’s talk thumbs

I mentioned last time I had to be a bit more mellow than I normally am and embrace a little bit of chaos because of the long color changes on this yarn.  The left and right mitts won't match exactly, and that's just ok. But...that doesn't mean I've totally embraced a go with the flow attitude.  I still want to keep the thumbs as tidy and uniform as I can.  That means doing a very tiny bit of math. So normally when I knit a mitt, I knit the wrist, then increase for the thumb, then knit up to the [...]

January 14, 2019|

And some matching mitts…

As is traditional in these parts, I decided the hat was lonely and needed some friends. So I cast on some mitts to go with it. (This is the bit where I remind you that today is the last day to take 10% off the hat with the code if you're reading this the day it comes out, get on that if you want it on your needles, this is the time.) I'm having to be a little more mellow than I'm normally inclined to be and just sort of embrace the color changes.  The left and right mitts won't match [...]

January 11, 2019|

Imply (plus giveaway)

It's here! Imply is out today on ravelry. You can get it for 10% off with the code SUGGEST for the next few days. And there's yarn to give away over on instagram if you've fallen madly in love! So I'm not going to lie. This is not fancy. It is not hard. It is not shockingly original.  But it is comfy and cozy and fun to knit...with just a little bit of drama from those giant cables.  And that sort of sounds like exactly what I want right now! Normally when you make really big cables, you cross one giant [...]

January 8, 2019|

And done!

Hatty McHatterson is done, blocked, ends woven in, and has wandered out to the woodpile for photos (yes, we do need to tidy the woodpile and arrange it better for photos...yes, this is absolutely something I fully intend to do...I need to keep my neighbors convinced I'm a little strange). It's lovely, the cables make for the prettiest, swirliest, most soft serve cone looking hat top I ever did see.  It will be out Tuesday (and no, no the cables aren't hard, I promise you can do them).  And matching mitts are already well underway!

January 4, 2019|

We made it!

Everyone still here?  Starting to wake up from the holiday fog and remember how to eat real food and wear real clothes and more or less be normal people instead of the cookie stuffed, pajama wearing, movie watching, midday napping couch gremlins we've been for the last week or two? Got some of the glitter out of your hair and the pine needles off the carpet?  Starting to notice the sun setting later?  Excellent, we all made it to the new year! Between the countdown sale in December and Curls 3 coming out in November I feel like it's been [...]

January 2, 2019|

Let’s do that again…

So...if you've been here for a very very very long time, you just might remember that back in November and December of 2015, I knit a hat and some cuffs to go with it. They were out of what is very possibly my favorite purple yarn ever, they had absolutely gorgeous cables (look at the top of that that not glorious?), they fit perfectly, I loved everything about them. And for some reason they sat, unworn and unpublished, all alone in my Basket of Things To Turn Into Patterns for, quite literally, years.  There's just no good reason for [...]

November 1, 2018|
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