Clasped is out, and I should probably warn you away. I should probably tell you not to make one of these. In fact, yes, let me just go ahead and officially warn you against making them right at the start. Because once you make one, you're almost certainly going to want to make another. And once you show someone else what you've made, you're almost certainly going find yourself getting all sorts of longing looks or hints or outright requests to make more. Now to be fair, these are easy requests to say yes to (the knitting is simple and [...]

May 14, 2024|


Will this keep my glasses from getting covered in speckles and smudges? No, no it probably won't. But it might make them easier to find. Can everyone else in their 40s and up please reassure me that I am not alone in finding this sudden betrayal (aka the perfectly normal aging process that we all go through if we're lucky enough not to die before we get there) Quite Seriously Annoying? Because god DAMN is the constant 'where are my, my OTHER glasses' thing is a drag.

May 3, 2024|


Delineated is here, and you can find it on both ravelry and payhip. Use the code WAVY for a little something off for the first few days it's out (as always, if you get email from me, do check your inbox first, you've got a different code waiting for you there). This all started because I wanted to see if I could draw lines on my knitting. The answer was a resounding yes, yes I can absolutely draw lines on my knitting. And so can you! And I knew the lines were gonna be cute, but I didn't expect that [...]

April 23, 2024|

With age comes…

I have officially reached 'staggering array of different glasses for different situations' years old. Which, quite frankly, sucks. However I have decided I shall console myself by making one of the wee pinchy pouches into a glasses case. As you can see, it is not yet actually big enough for this job, but it should be very shortly. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find my glasses so I can finish knitting it.

April 18, 2024|

Stash dive

This should be out next week, and I wanted to run the yarn down with you so you can go on a stash dive/lys excursion as needed! So, I used three yarns for this (though you could get away with just two if you were so inclined). The dark purple at the brim and the gray on the hat body are two different colors of the same base. And then there's some wild pink floofy business held alongside the gray yarn and for the squiggly lines. On my hat, I used La Bien Aimée's Merino DK in Madeleine for the [...]

April 17, 2024|

Roll call

Oh, let's talk about the yarns I used on this hat. You'll want three, one floofy, two smooth. I know mixing and matching yarn can be a tiiiiny bit scary, but it's actually sort of fun once you get the hang of it, and it's a fantastic way to use some of those partial balls left over from other projects! For the smooth yarns, you want them to both be about the same weight (here they're both La Bien Aimée's merino dk). The weight itself doesn't matter much. The pattern is written so you can work at 5, 5.5, 6, [...]

July 26, 2023|

Shiny Objects

So I'm in one of those phases where I have A Whole Lot of Projects, all at various stages of completion, yet somehow all I want to do is Start New Thiiiiiiiiiings. Like this guy. This guy that's all the way knit, and which I actually wrote the whole pattern for, charts and all, and then...sort of forgot about? Because I was distracted by the new shiny somewhere between here and there? Because my brain can apparently just do that if I'm not careful? It's time to tidy some of that up! There's a testing call up for this over [...]

July 15, 2023|
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