There I was, innocent as a lamb (no), minding my own business (nope), up to no trouble at all (again, no), out on one of those small excursions that happen at the start of daunting undertakings (this bit's true at least), and what do I find but an unexpected yarn store (Fiber & Vine). The delightful kind where you walk in, not having planned to go to a yarn store that day, and walk out with treats. In case that big smushy stuff is Manos del Uruguay's Franca in Marshmallow, and the floofy stuff is Ella Rae's Silky Kid in [...]

February 12, 2024|

Tip top

So this is done... And it's unquestionably adorable.  Like that's totally a good looking hat, no doubt about it. But wait till you see the top.  I mean that's just pretty much magic! I'm not even going to pretend to say anything modest or self effacing.  That's grand, I love it, and it makes me gloriously happy!   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

February 17, 2019|

All grown up

So, those itty bitty hats we did back before the holidays?  Yeah, they needed people versions. Now...I am totally not diligent enough to make all 12 of them into people versions.  Because that is...well...that is an unreasonable amount of knitting/photography to pull off for one pattern.  A dozen hats is a book, not an individual pattern.  I'm just not that cool. But...I can manage a few...likely three. So I've picked some of my favorites and am zipping along. Yarns are Alegria Grande (in Natural) and Maxima (in Daffodil), both by Manos del Uruguay (looks like one skein of each yarn [...]

February 14, 2019|


Remember how I was smitten with the outside of the cuff increases?  Well the inside is also oddly charming. Same with the inside of the stripe. Now, I don't think it's necessarily practical to actually think of these as reversible (I can't think of a suitably hidden way to weave in the contrast color ends to pull that off... But it is pretty enough I like flipping it inside out from time to time to coo over it (though this does slow down the knitting quite a bit if you indulge in it too much).  And I do think I [...]

May 28, 2018|


You know me. You know I love a tidy thumb gusset.  And this?  This is astonishingly tidy. I mean it's not hard.  It's not even fiddly.  It's's just splendid.  I'm actually sort of in love with my whole thumb plan for these. And honestly, it looks just as good on the inside.  Which I'll show you real soon here (I have to get things ready for the hat to come out Tuesday first, but it's coming).   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

May 18, 2018|

Yup, that’s what it needed

So. That was fun!  I mean really rather more fun than someone who is ostensibly and adult should be having with a pompom. I probably shouldn't be this tickled but I absolutely am. And yes of course you can pop the pompom out if you're not feeling it.  But I think your day will be better if it's on there. Pattern soon.  Very very soon probably next week.  I basically need to block it and get photos. I'm trying to show you things much closer to when the patterns come out because I've heard waiting is no fun.  It's got [...]

May 16, 2018|


So...there's a fair bit of yarn left over after the hat.  Not just the orange, which I knew I'd have miles of.  But the gray too.  I feel like the hat needs a friend, don't you? I thought you might.  Now as always, it's a good idea to weigh your yarn.  If you're going to do something that comes in pairs, it's much more fun to know how much you can use for each one ahead of time.  Go ahead...ask me how I know.  Just guess how many times that bit me in the hindquarters before I stopped being a [...]

May 14, 2018|

Zipping along

That?  Well that's just about done! And you know what that means. That means it's just about time to do the pompom party. Because I'm pretty sure I have pompoms all figured out, and I need some sort of public reassurance that I'm not the only one amused by this.   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

May 7, 2018|

No, I do not have a gray hat problem

I mean perhaps I have a propensity for them...but I wouldn't call that a problem. I mean how can something that lovely be a problem.  A fascination maybe, but not a problem. Though the inside bit is unreasonably distracting...especially once you realize you can just slip the orange stitches off the needle and tug and they'll unravel separately.  I mean don't do that, they're a bear to put back.  That would be a problem.  But it's the knitting equivalent of a Do Not Enter sign.  You just really really really want to do it because you're not supposed to.  Or maybe [...]

April 25, 2018|
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