Constellate is out on both ravelry and payhip! But it really shouldn't be this pretty. It just shouldn't. Nothing this easy should look so impressive. Yet somehow, it does, and I find myself completely unwilling to argue with anything so delightful.⁠ Instead, I find myself inclined to play with it. So far that's meant experimenting with a two color version (which I love even more than the single color version, a feat I didn't think possible). Oh and being hopelessly entranced by the wrong side of the fabric (the wrong side on the two color version still leaves me wondering [...]

September 12, 2023|

Better in sets

Better in sets better in sets better in sets. I'm just always going to believe that knitted accessories are better in sets. Now, do I actually manage to wear all the pieces of a set at the same time? Um...sometimes? Occasionally? Ideally? But look, just knowing I have the option makes me happy. I do usually spend the winter with a hat jammed in one pocket of my coat and some mitts jammed in the other pocket, does that count? As soon as we manage to get a day where it is both overcast but not rainy and cool enough [...]

September 9, 2023|

Tacit & Implicit

The Tacit & Implicit set is out on both ravelry and payhip, and you can use the code INTIMATED to take 15% off the set for the first few days they're out (as always, mailing list folks and patreon folks should check their email, they've got something waiting for them there).  Or, if you already have Tacit and now want the set, make sure you have the updated version of Tacit (it went out yesterday, August 28), and use the code in it to deduct the price of the mitts from the price of the set. Details of that are [...]

August 29, 2023|

Minimize the disruption

Remember how I said I set aside a little ball of yarn to do the thumbs with when I'm using a gradient yarn? That's because it minimizes the disruption in the color progression.⁠ Now, the truth is the progression on this one is gradual enough I could probably have gotten away with not doing it. But it's easy enough to do so why not!⁠ There's a longer post with more details about what I do and how it works back a few weeks, should you wish to know more.

August 28, 2023|

Low chaos tolerance

Ok, now we come to the most difficult decision in the whole project. Do I make the second mitt more or less the same (still with the blue end as the background and the green end as the contrast)? Or do I flip it around (so the green end is the background and the blue end the contrast)? I think I'm going to do it the same. My tolerance for chaos is low (no really, shocking low, especially right now) and I think that would feel just a liiiiiittle too jumbled up for the little order muppet that runs my brain. [...]

August 25, 2023|

The Plan

Here's The Plan (read on if you have or are planning to get these, because we're doing things a little differently): Remember how I've spent the last year and a half restructuring my business so it's more manageable and less overwhelming? (That's why most of the old patterns are retired and only available a couple of days a year.) Well as part of that process, I realized is that listing the individual pieces of sets like this as stand alone patterns creates A Whole Damn Lot Of Extra Admin Work. And one of the goals of restructuring was to minimize [...]

August 24, 2023|

Wait for it

Still unblocked, ends still waggling in the wind, still delightful. Now I'll admit, I'm absolutely itching to get this blocked, because the whole thing is just going to relax and straighten up and even out in the nicest way. But I'm making myself wait until the second one is done so that I can show you one freshly off the needles and one freshly blocked in the same picture so you can join in with me as I revel in what a difference a quick bath and a little smoothing and patting can make. Which I'm pretty sure means I [...]

August 23, 2023|

Mix and match

Ok, back to the floof for a second. We did this a little while ago when it was just the mitts and the more eye-searingly pink hat, but it's cool enough I wanted to run it down one more time now that we have a third option in there. All three of these pieces of knitting are made with the same single ply yarn (Seven Sisters Arts' Astrid in the color Zinnia, that's it down front there). And then that single ply yarn is held double with a bit of magnificent floof (HauteKnitYarn Abigail in Saffron Spice for the orange [...]

August 22, 2023|

Indulge me

Indulge me for just a moment and let me show you the inside of these... And look, I'm not going to pretend I don't like the outside better. I absolutely do like the outside better! But that's because the outside is kinda spectacular, even if it is scandalously immodest to say so. But the inside is awfully nifty. Mostly in a 'wait, how does that *work* how did you actually *do* that' kind of way. But my brain seems to actually really like chewing on 'how does that work,' and I figure some of you are wired that way too, [...]

August 21, 2023|
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