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"Remind me what you do for a job again?" "Uuuuum...huh. Well. So you's complicated."⁠ (whispers: but also super fun)⁠ What I'm actually doing here is working up a version of the little needlebook to have a pocket for stitch markers, because everything is better with pockets.⁠ But it looks suspiciously like craft hour at the sparkle pony school for wayward toddlers with low impulse control.

August 26, 2023|


Ooooh, you know how I said these needed a 'page' in the middle of them to feel even more bookish and to give you a place to pin things? Yeah, yeah well it turns out finding the correct yarn to go with sparkly pony glitter plastic extravaganza was more challenging than you might think, and my stash had absolutely nothing suitable. Luckily a trip to my delightful local yarn shop (waves at Cashmere Goat, if you're visiting midcoast Maine do yourself a favor and swing by) solved that problem.

July 20, 2023|
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