Once More With Feeling

The socks I mentioned the other day are out.  I've called them Once More With Feeling to commemorate their magical transformer-style nature.  When the bottoms (inevitably) wear out you can snip one stitch, do ten minutes of finishing, and have a pair of fingerless mitts made from the stitches of the leg.  You know that the feet wear out long before the legs.  (Really, has anyone ever had the leg of their sock wear out?  I know I haven't ever seen it.)  I hate the idea of throwing out all that perfectly good knitting on the leg.  This is much [...]

March 25, 2010|

Still not the Big News

So this is still not it.  There's a good chance the 'it' will be discussed tomorrow or Monday. Instead, I bring you some other news, this time accompanied by a photo.  It's been an unreasonably long time since there has been a photo of a new sock.  So, with no further ado, a picture.  This is a sock with a bit of back story.  The story is rather rambly.  The short version is 'new pattern later this month.'  If you don't want the long version, feel free to wander off now.  I'll never know. Ok, now for the long version.  [...]

March 18, 2010|
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