Oh hey, knitting…

So it's been a while, but some of you may remember sometimes I do this thing where I use two sticks to tie long pieces of string in fancy knots.  Then I take pictures of the knots and talk about them on the internet.  Which I know sounds odd, but it's been a while since I've had time to do it (there was this book thing...it was time consuming), and I find I sort of miss it.  So, how about a picture of some fancy knots. That's the reknit of my old Petiole pattern.  The original pattern had the hat [...]

December 1, 2014|

Instant Gratification

It's starting to get cool.  Not cold (cold comes later) but just slightly cool.  It's that time of year when you haven't gotten out the winter clothes yet, but your summer clothes aren't quite warm enough (sorry southern hemisphere folks, I know it's only doing that here, not there).  It's the time of year you start pondering scarves.  Not thick chunky ones, light fluffy wispy things.  More fashion statement than insulation, but just what the weather demands.  The sort of thing that, were you to actually knit it, would take you a freaking year because it would be on lace [...]

September 21, 2012|

Instant Gratification

I don't knit scarves.  Any attempt to knit a scarf is met with boredom and then despair.  I don't have the necessary fortitude to make a giant rectangle of unending sameness.  Cowls, yes.  I can even see a shawl (especially one of the charming asymmetrical ones).  But not scarves. So it may come as something of a surprise when I say I whipped out a scarf on Friday afternoon.  A proper, woolly, fiber-y scarf. It started like this. A few minutes later it looked more like this. And a little bit later still it looked like this. That last picture [...]

April 9, 2012|

Well Dressed Pumpkin

Why yes that is a pumpkin.  Three of them really.  Well, I'm not actually sure if the white one or the green one are technically pumpkins, but they're playing the role of pumpkin for me this year.  And yes they're still on the porch.  As far as I'm concerned the pumpkins can reasonably hang out on the porch and be considered 'festive decorations' rather than 'signs of terrible yard maintenance habits' until Thanksgiving weekend or until the squirrels devour them -- whichever comes first. Why do you ask?  Oh, you were surprised about the neck warmer on the pumpkin.  Well, [...]

November 9, 2010|


See those dots?  Those giant, fluffy, white dots? Those are snow flakes. There are not many of them there in the picture (it turns out there is a distinct limit to how long I'm willing to stand barefoot in the snow in my pajamas waiting for snow flakes to alight upon my knitting in a picturesque fashion), but quite a few in the yard.  It's our first snow of the winter and it's a good one.  It's coming down hard as I type this.  The grass is covered and it's starting to stick to the sidewalks.  I wholeheartedly approve.  I [...]

November 6, 2010|

Bits and Pieces

Having the furnace on is lovely.  It is definitely warmer with the furnace on, but it's not exactly warm.  We have an old house (built in 1920), and it has the original windows and absolutely no insulation in the walls.  We love it, it's beautiful, but it is more than a bit drafty.  We also have an old furnace.  It's not quite as old as the house, but is still rather elderly as these things go.  The combination of old furnace and drafty house means the gas bill gets rather staggering if we set the heat above about 58.  So [...]

November 3, 2010|
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