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Do I block my swatches? Eh, depends on what I'm using them for! In this case, I was checking to see if I liked this stitch pattern with this yarn for a pair of socks I'm getting reknit. And since that was all I was doing, I totally could have just taken the wee crumpled bit of business (photo two) and stretched it out between my fingers and said 'yup, that works' and carried on. But that only works because it's a yarn I'm familiar with, getting turned into a thing I'm familiar with, where the sizing isn't super important. [...]

March 11, 2024|

Slant (plus giveaway)

Ready for an oldie?  Slant were one of the very first sock patterns I ever put out (looks like my third one if I'm counting correctly).  They've been on hiatus while the pattern was totally revamped (new photos, new charts, new layout, loads more sizes), and now they're ready for their comeback! I loved these when I first made them (they're still in heavy rotation in my sock basket), and I love them now.  The rib ensures they'll fit beautifully.  The pattern is mirrored (because when you have lines like that you just have to do it that way, there's [...]

June 23, 2015|


Slant, one of my very earliest patterns, is coming back out Tuesday.  If you want an email (and a coupon) when it does, be sure you're on the mailing list. Now go do something restful and indulgent this weekend, I'm pretty sure we've all earned it!

June 19, 2015|

Slant Redux

The spiffed up version of Slant is now up.  It's two pages shorter, and yet contains more actual useful information.  I told you I was shamelessly chatty back then.  Alas, I could not get new pictures for you.  I still have the socks, but a year and a half of wear have rendered them more than a bit fuzzy.  You'll have to make do with the old ones.  Dippers is undergoing a similar treatment and should be up later this week.

September 20, 2010|

Shows Continued Improvement

You know how you look back on those (dreadfully earnest and sickeningly leaden) papers you wrote your first year of college and just wince?  Or maybe it's entries in your high school journal or your first few blog entries that make you cringe.   Well I did that the other day.  Not with papers, but with my early patterns. Popped was my first pattern, and I didn't know what in the world I was doing back then.  Luckily, that one got totally revamped somewhere along the way as part of it's release through Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, so it's fine [...]

September 17, 2010|

Breaking News

It is, for the first time this fall, officially cold enough that I reached for a pair of thick fuzzy handknit socks to keep my feet warm.  I grabbed Slant, and I'm pleased to report they are working quite well.  My feet are definitely warmer and there is now no need to do anything drastic like closing the windows. On the business front, the winner of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow, and a new pattern will be released on Thursday.

September 28, 2009|


As promised, the pattern for Slant is finished. The Ravelry page is here, and the pdf of the pattern is here. Thanks to everyone who said nice things about them, and special thanks to the valiant knitters who bravely tested out the stitch pattern instructions and pronounced them intelligible. One last pic and then I promise to stop showing them off: What's that? Oh. Yes, I totally am that pale. It's cold here, it happens. Not that it will be any different when it warms up, I just have more of an excuse at the moment.

March 19, 2009|

Clamorous Rabble

Alrightly then, it seems you folks like your socks. I shall heed the outcry and have a pattern up promptly. I've got a draft written and it's in the hands of another fantastic test knitter. How about a sexy glamor shot to tide you over till then: Yeah baby, who knew I'd be showing my feet to the internet with such shocking abandon.

March 18, 2009|

What’s That? More?

To everyone who has said something nice about Popped, thank you. To those who have pointed out some spots where I was unclear (or possibly even downright wrong) an even bigger thank you. I appreciate the suggestions and have changed the pattern to reflect them. In the meantime, I just finished these: and they are filling me with mirth and glee. More pics and info here. If they also fill you with mirth and glee, talk to me over there and let me know. I'll write them up too.

March 17, 2009|
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