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So did I mention the new book?  The one that goes up for presale on Friday?  Well, I mean I know I've mentioned it in passing (if you look back at old posts tagged sneakypants, you can see many of the things I've said about it) , but I think I've actually been fairly circumspect about its contents.  Given that it's coming out this Friday, I think we can likely lift the veil just a bit, don't you? How about a quick shot of some of the test pages the printer sent?  I'll have a proper picture of all the [...]

November 4, 2014|

So That’s Done

After busting a rather serious move over the last few weeks, I am delighted to announce that the next book went to the printer Monday morning.  I'm unreasonably taken with it.  It's full of these. Which I will, of course, be showing you in (doubtless irritating) detail over the coming weeks.  But for now their essential nature will remain shrouded in mystery.  Suffice it to say they're rather fetching.  More information when I have it (I'm waiting for confirmation from the printer before I do anything injudicious like announce a firm date on which they'll be ready, but I'm aiming [...]

September 9, 2014|


I need a ruling.  When does it go from 'disgustingly premature' to 'perfectly reasonable' to start blabbing excitedly about the next book.  It's going to the printer in a little more than a week.  It will be out around Thanksgiving.  I've been totally focused on it for the last two weeks (making me a very tedious dinner companion I'm sure), and all I want to do is show you the projects.  But I've also been led to believe that one must maintain a certain level of mystery lest people be bored by the time it comes out.  Hence the need [...]

August 30, 2014|


I confessed that a shocking amount of last week was spent at the dining room table - pins in hand, the smell of wet wool filling the air - while I blocked and blocked and blocked some more.  The natural result of this process is a lovely pile of freshly blocked woolies.  But, if your house is anything like mine, it doesn't present a huge number of large, flat, cat-free spaces in which to store great swaths of knitting.  At the same time, I very much did not want to fold these bits up until they were safely photographed.  So [...]

August 21, 2014|


I do not generally support alarm clocks.  Working from home and for yourself means they are seldom necessary.  But this weekend, I made an exception.  I set an alarm.  And not just any alarm, a 6:30 alarm on a Sunday morning.  That's borderline barbaric.  But, there was knitting to photograph, a vacant lot in which to do it, and the sun waits for no knitter. So Alethea, The Boy, and I rolled our sleepy selves into the car along with rather a lot of knitting (and the camera, I was quite proud I managed not to forget the camera, that [...]

August 20, 2014|


This Sunday was a test run for a photo shoot, which meant that more or less every minute of last week leading up to Sunday looked like this. I don't think I've ever blocked so many things (big things) in so short a time.  I ran out of tpins (I like these, and have ordered more) and I was pretty much always out of space on my blocking mats (more of these may just be on their way too).  The dining room table (aka the only space in the house at all suitable for large blocking) was always in use, [...]

August 18, 2014|


I don't believe in rushing.  I'm firmly convinced that when you rush, you make stupid mistakes.  If you feel like you should hurry, it's probably actually time to slow down and take a breath.  Which is why, despite the rather frantic pace of the last few days (as explained by the last post), I decided I wanted to whip the current project off the needles to double check that I liked how it was coming together. I'm actually a big fan of this technique.  There is (generally) no reason not to put your knitting on some waste yarn, pitch it [...]

March 12, 2014|


You know how sometimes an opportunity sneaks up and pounces, all bright and shining and obvious, and you have no choice but to seize it?  Right.  That's not what's happened here.  Instead, the faintest glimmer of an interesting opportunity has twinkled, dimly, off in the distance.  It's the sort of thing that could be seriously nifty, but would require me to bust a fairly epic move to take advantage of it.  And of course it hasn't come with anything like a firm timeline or even a guarantee of coming fully into existence.  Because that would be too easy. That's what [...]

March 11, 2014|


A certain amount of lazing about is good for a person.  It is my firm conviction that, if I work hard all day every day, I stop doing good work.  If I don't take the odd day off (or two...or a row) and accomplish absolutely nothing, my brain goes on strike.  So, working with that theory, I've taken a bit of shameless time off over my birthday and the holiday.  I hope you got to do the same. And by the way, it totally totally worked.  The last few days have been ones of scandalous, shocking productivity.  Alas, it's [...]

December 27, 2013|
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