On 2:59 pm EDT on Wednesday May 4, I became part of an impressive crowd.  I was one of thousands of knitters, all poised -- fingers hovering over our refresh buttons, waiting to register for Sock Summit 2011.  I had booked my air fare and hotel room months before.  I knew was going, no matter what classes I got (or didn't get).  Somehow this did not make me want my chosen classes any less. Thanks to the impressive efforts of the masterminds behind Sock Summit, the registration went smoothly.  Impressively smoothly.  Thousands of rabid knitters, more than a hundred classes [...]

May 6, 2011|

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Or rather, what I will be doing.  Just in case you were in some sort of internet-less bubble yesterday, I feel it is my duty to remind you that there was a rather substantial update to the Sock Summit website.  The teacher list, class list, and class schedule all went up.  And no, registration is not open yet.  But you can now spend an truly unreasonable amount of time reading over all the class descriptions and coming up with 14 different variations of your preferred class list.  Not that that's what I did last night or anything. The vendor list [...]

April 21, 2011|
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