And down!

And with that, the ravelry and payhip shops are down! For the first time since April of 2009, I don't have anything anywhere for anyone to buy directly from me. At least I don't think I do. It's possible I missed something (fourteen years of work in the form of hundreds of patterns across several sites gets a bit...unwieldy to ever say anything definite about). And I'll be on the lookout for those over the coming weeks. But I *think* everything is down. I'll do a big wrap up/what comes next post in a few days. The short version is [...]

July 26, 2022|

Which Six

I have a plan! Monday morning, I start taking patterns down. Some time in September, six will return. It will take me few days to get them all down (I need to do it in a tidy fashion, both so the ravelry pages aren't a mess and so I don't lose any information), but I expect to have them all down by midweek. But by the end of the week, I won't have anything at all for sale on ravelry or payhip. In August,* I'll spend a little bit of time introducing the six patterns that are coming back and [...]

July 23, 2022|


This morning I got up, sat down at my computer, looked at what you all had done overnight, & made a $10,000.00 donation to MaineTransNet, a community based organization supporting trans people in Maine. You made that happen. You are amazing. I truly wasn't expecting this. I figured I'd do a sale to build up a little buffer as I made these changes to my business. But the response has been overwhelming. You folks made me feel safe. You've given me more options. Your support means I have the time and space I need for what comes next. It seems [...]

July 20, 2022|

Let’s fix it

Is there a pattern you'll miss but didn't buy because there's no room in the budget? Not even if it's on sale? Not even if it's going away? Because if so, I want to fix that. Well, I can't fix the stuff that's making everything so hard right now. But I can provide a bit of tiny nonsense as a distraction. If there's something you really wish you could get before it goes away, but it just isn't in the budget, you can have it. The code TINY NONSENSE will let you get any single item from my shop for [...]

July 19, 2022|

Thank you

I am overwhelmed. The response to the sale has been astonishing. It's time to do some good. We're giving $10,000.00 to Mabel Wadsworth, my local abortion provider. You made this possible. Full disclosure, I thought I'd go to their website, send it, and share a pic. But the site only lets you do donations up to $1,000, so I wrote to ask what the best way to send it is (processing fees are a bear, the answer may be a check). So I can't show you it's done, but I can show you it's coming! Now, I want to talk [...]

July 18, 2022|

I wish to

Yesterday I mentioned that, as part of the preparation for the Shiny New Thing, I am about to discontinue all my patterns. A few of my favorites will come back as part of the Shiny New Thing. Most will not. Nearly everyone was lovely about this! A few folks were...less so. I got a handful of nasty comments, and a whole lot of folks (with widely varying levels of tact) who really really needed to know why. So first, in the gentlest possible way, I don't need any reason other than I wish to. Second, again in the gentlest possible [...]

July 13, 2022|

A very solid plan…

I have a plan. It's a great plan! But as part of said plan, MOST OF MY EXISTING PATTERNS ARE GOING AWAY FOR GOOD. I'm working on a post about what comes next, but I'm not ready to share all the details just yet. But I am ready to say I'm taking all my existing patterns down later this month. Before they go, I'll do a big sale (later this week, keep an eye out for details in a day or two). But before I do that, I want to answer a few questions I know will come up. Let's [...]

July 12, 2022|
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