Carom (plus giveaway)

I suspect you might already know this, but I have a thing for sets.  I can't help it.  As soon as I finish a piece I start wondering 'and what would happen if I just wiggled this little bit over here?'  Then all of a sudden there's another variation on the needles.  That's totally what happened with Carom, and I'm so happy to have the pattern back out!The first hat uses a bigger, lacier version of the stitch pattern.  It's lovely and swooshy and just a bit dramatic. The second one uses a slightly smaller version of the stitch pattern.  [...]

September 20, 2016|

Latterly (plus giveaway)

Half the trick to knitting is balance (balance knits with purls to keep things from curling, balance cables with plain stitches to keep things from squinching up too tight, balance increases with decreases to keep things from changing size).  Latterly are a perfect balance between lace (fairly entertaining lace at that) and lovely, quiet ribbing.  I'm delighted to have them back out. I love balancing lace with ribbing.  It works especially well here as this lace has you changing your stitch count from row to row.  If you have too much of that all on the same row, your sock [...]

June 21, 2016|

Peregrinate (plus giveaway)

You know when your knitting hits that perfect, meditative place? The spot where your fingers know just what to do and your stitches flow perfectly and all you have to do is sit back and admire your work?  Well Peregrinate totally hit that spot for me, and I'm so glad to have them back out! The pattern on the leg is very mellow.  Just knits, purls, and teeny tiny cables.  You'll have it memorized in no time, and the result is something really lovely. Things get a little more interesting when you get to the foot.  The main pattern slowly [...]

April 19, 2016|

Gramercy (plus giveaway)

You know how some knitting projects just sort of seem like little magic tricks?  Either they come together faster than they should, or they use less yarn than you'd expect, or they look so much fancier than they have any right to given how easy they are.  Well Gramercy pretty much does all of those things!  I'm delighted to bring them back out. They use a marvelous little lace motif that has a lot going for it.  It's easy enough to be a perfect introduction to fancy socks, but interesting enough that you won't get bored, even if you're a [...]

September 1, 2015|

Xanthophyll (plus giveaway)

Remember how I'm not supposed to have favorites?  Because I'm supposed to love all my patterns equally? Well that works about as well with patterns as with ice cream.  They're all good, but some of them are especially good.  And Xanthophyll are totally some of my favorites!  I'm so glad to be bringing them back out. These were the first skinny yarn socks I knit for The Boy (before he happened to mention that he sort of liked thick socks best, thus increasing the overall number of knit socks in his future rather dramatically).  The original ones still turn up [...]

July 7, 2015|


Xanthophyll (a favorite both because they're awfully pretty socks and because any word that starts with an x gets automatic bonus points) is coming back out next Tuesday. These were reknit in a beautiful yarn from Vice, and I couldn't be more thrilled with them.  Mailing list folks get a coupon when they come out, and there will be a giveaway here too (because it's a moral duty to share yarn that pretty)!

July 2, 2015|


I have an unreasonable fondness for knitted fabrics that look woven at first glance.  It's one of the reasons I love this curl.  It's got all of the structure of a woven fabric with the stretch and bounce of a knit.  The back of it is even pretty too (always a nice touch in a wrap, as I am pretty much incapable of making sure just one side faces forward). I am really really looking forward to the photo shoot for these.  It's going to be an unreasonable amount of fun. Just remind me that it's impractical to drag Alethea [...]

May 16, 2015|

Playing Favorites, Part 2

We talked a little while ago about the sock yarns for the upcoming book, but that book won't all be sock-y goodness.  There are lots of other delightful projects too, and that means more yarn.  I've just now gotten the last of the yarns in, so that meant it was time to bring them all together for a group shot. I really am rather madly in love with all of these, and I bet there are a few here that will be new to you. Starting up at the top left, the pink one there is Manos Fino in Rosewater [...]

August 9, 2014|

And in Other News

The lovely blue socks I took off to the retreat are done (and have been for a while now, I just didn't quite manage to get them outside and snap a picture).  We'll start with proof of concept.  See that, two legs, two heels, two toes, all tidy and done. And then lets take a closer look at the top of the feet.  Left and right mirrored (though it would be just as cute to put a left-leaning leaf and a right-leaning leaf together on the same sock). It's Vice (and yes, I am trying to irritate Lizzy into finishing [...]

March 10, 2013|
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