Of Use

I love the concept of objects of use, by which I mean the things I use to care for myself as I move through my day. Things like the pot I make my oatmeal in or the bowl I eat it out of or the teapot I brew my tea in or the mug I drink it out of or the blankets that keep me warm at night.⁠ I like my life more when I pay close attention to them. My life gets better when I focus on having fewer things and making sure the ones I do have are [...]

February 15, 2024|


See, I knew I should have faith in all of you. Or at least I should trust that you all also exist in bodies and aren't easily scandalized! Oh and I really did mean it when I said I'm making a stack of these. Little Skein Anne might have sent me a whole box of some absolutely delicious linen and silk yarn and I might be planning to turn most of it into...well...into care and comfort and compassion. Because that's a pretty neat thing to do with yarn if you ask me. Plus bonus points for how brioche looks nifty [...]

October 1, 2023|

Polite Society

The wee swirly bit of business from a few days ago? Yeah, it was lovely to see everyone speculating on it, but now I fear I may disappoint you when you learn what it really is. I am knitting myself a pile of absolutely magnificent washcloths. And I'll be honest, my first inclination was to say absolutely nothing about the project. It somehow feels too...personal? private? intimate? to discuss online. I'm not quite sure actually, but it feels like the sort of thing that a respectable person should keep behind closed doors and not even hint at in polite society. [...]

September 25, 2023|
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