As promised, the winner for the Barking Dog Yarns/Foliate giveaway is Sue of Alderwood Quilts.  It looks like Sue already knows all about Barking Dog Yarns and will be adding a skein of Galaxy in the color California to her stash.  I'll be in touch to sort everything out. And because I feel bad that not everyone can win, I set up a little promo for everyone else.  If you buy Foliate, you can have any of my other patterns for free.  Just put both Foliate and any other pattern in your ravelry cart, click on the use a coupon [...]

June 14, 2011|

Brazen Hussy

I've completely abandoned all pretense of fidelity and become an absolutely brazen hussy.  I have a new beau.  Don't worry, The Boy knows all about it.  My new suitor is a teeny tiny porch kitten.  See? This little guy and I are totally courting.  He's come to the porch from time to time this Spring (he naps on one of the chairs), but now he seems to have made a bit more of a commitment.  Starting this past Friday, he's been on the porch every morning when we opened the door.  He'll sit and make googly eyes at our cats [...]

June 7, 2011|
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