I have it on good authority that the stars may align here shortly and I might be able to get pics of these with, you know, feet in them. At which point they will stop being free will instead be for sale like a regular pattern.⁠ You know...just in case you wanted to do anything with that information while they were still hanging out there where anyone can just have them.

June 8, 2024|


Ok so the plan had been to put this out like a regular pattern. But then my sock model ended up with a schedule conflict. And normally I'd just wait and bring it out later, but patience is Not My Strong Suit Right Now. So we'll compromise! This one will be free to anyone on patreon (yes, even the free patreon memberships) until I manage to get out and get photos with real feet in them (don't worry, you'll get an update when I get new pics). Do I know when that will be? Nope! It involves coordinating the schedules of [...]

May 29, 2024|

Show off

Here's the full progression from blocked and shiny, back to one blocked one not for contrast, then back to fresh off the needles. I normally block socks like this every time I pull them out of the washing machine? No I very much do not. I do this (with the sock blockers and the carefully making sure the leg and foot are lined up straight and the gentle tugging to keep the top of the cuff straight) happens the first time and for photos or for gifting. After a regular wash, I just smooth them out flat (or flatish, [...]

May 21, 2024|


I am missing socks! Ask me your sock questions so I can think about socks without knitting socks! Socks were my first knitting love and the only thing I designed for a long time (I've written more than 100 sock patterns). And I miss them! But knitting at a good sock gauge hurts my shoulder these days, so I enlist the services of amazing sample knitters when I need them. But oh, oh I wanna think about them for a while. So send me your sock questions and I'll answer the most frequent/most interesting ones in this month's Q&A post. [...]

May 16, 2024|


Do you have to block your socks? Nope. Nope you are an adult with autonomy and I am absolutely not the boss of you. Does blocking your socks make a difference? Eh...I say yes. But I also acknowledge that it's pretty much just an aesthetic difference, and once they're on a foot, the difference is negligible. But for something like giving them as a present (or in my case, taking pictures of them), I think the effort to reward ratio is such that a quick block is more than worth it. (These are Xanthophyll, one of my very early patterns [...]

April 30, 2024|


Why yes, yes I am continuing my ongoing attempts to reacquaint myself with some sock friends from days of yore. Anyone remember these? They have a special place in my heart for a whole bunch of reasons, and I think they may need to come back out to play some time soon, don't you? Photo of the swatch both blocked and unblocked, because folks always ask 'do you haaaaaave to block your swatches?' And I always say 'nope!' But the kind of information you get from a blocked swatch and an unblocked swatch are different, and you should know that [...]

March 24, 2024|

Xanthophyll (plus giveaway)

Remember how I'm not supposed to have favorites?  Because I'm supposed to love all my patterns equally? Well that works about as well with patterns as with ice cream.  They're all good, but some of them are especially good.  And Xanthophyll are totally some of my favorites!  I'm so glad to be bringing them back out. These were the first skinny yarn socks I knit for The Boy (before he happened to mention that he sort of liked thick socks best, thus increasing the overall number of knit socks in his future rather dramatically).  The original ones still turn up [...]

July 7, 2015|


Xanthophyll (a favorite both because they're awfully pretty socks and because any word that starts with an x gets automatic bonus points) is coming back out next Tuesday. These were reknit in a beautiful yarn from Vice, and I couldn't be more thrilled with them.  Mailing list folks get a coupon when they come out, and there will be a giveaway here too (because it's a moral duty to share yarn that pretty)!

July 2, 2015|

Olympic Glory?

So I sort of did it, but only sort of.  The official goal was 'don't cast on any new projects.'  The unofficial goal (which seemed to follow rather naturally from the official goal) was 'get lots of stuff done.'  I totally met the first goal.  Despite severe temptation (we went to a fiber festival right at the beginning of the Olympics--this was not a plan designed to foster restraint), I didn't cast on anything new. Alas, I also didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped.  I did make some progress.  I finished a pair of secret socks, [...]

March 8, 2010|
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