And done!

Oh hey look, slippers! And yes, they need their proper photo shoot (and, um to be blocked...and to have their ends woven in).  But they are totally in the done pile!

November 28, 2016|


I've apparently been shockingly remiss.  I haven't shown you anything of the second slipper (even though it's been cruising right along).  Let's see if we can fix that, shall we? I think by now we all know they start back here. Then they sneak in a few heel stitches and look something like this And once the heel stitches are all in place, they cruise along like this for a while. Until it's time for some quick decreases. Next up, I'll start working in the round, work straight for just a little while, then zap on a toe.  Not much [...]

November 21, 2016|

Much in the manner of a toe

Well then, that's progress! That might even qualify as substantial progress. One slipper down (and really, the first one is always the hardest because it's the one where you have to make all the decisions), and the next one should be underway shortly.  There's hope I'll have them finished before it gets cold yet!

November 3, 2016|


This has just come together beautifully.  I just need another inch or so and then a toe. And I cannot wait to block it and see what this halo does.  I'm secretly hoping it gets even fluffier, because it's pretty much the coziest thing ever. And I'm feeling much more confident that I have enough yarn.  I was worried there for a bit, but I think it was just that the put up was different than what I'm used to and it felt terrifyingly empty at the end.  But once I wound it into a little ball, it felt much [...]

October 31, 2016|

All tangled up

You're going to have to pardon me, I'm busy being all tangled up in this cable.  I can't get enough of it! I'm also dong that thing where, despite having a pretty good grasp on yardage and how much things take, I'm starting to feel just a leeeeeettle nervous about finishing these with the yarn I have.  Wish me luck...

October 28, 2016|

As advertised

The slipper, as promised, continues to grow and to look much the same.  It's actually a good bit longer than this now, but it's cold outside and I'm far far too cozy inside to go out and take it's picture.  Use your imagination, I have faith in you. And meanwhile, to distract you, perhaps I'll show off the set of three hats coming out next Tuesday.  That should do the job, right?

October 26, 2016|

Good news bad news

Good news, the slipper is coming along swimmingly!  I love the yarn, love the stitch, love the feel of the whole thing. It's growing steadily into a more and more recognizable shape (I totally get it looks a bit odd at first). Now for the bad news.  It's going to look pretty much like this, just longer, for the foreseeable future.  I fear there's not going to be much to see. Now of course that doesn't mean I won't be showing it to you...just that you may need an eye for subtle detail to summon up much enthusiasm.  You've been [...]

October 22, 2016|

Take two

So the slipper was progressing nicely.  It looked lovely, and I'm totally taken with the cable. Alas the yarn, while beautiful, really isn't quite thick enough for what I want these to feel like (not the yarn's fault, it's beautiful, it's just not meant to be the bottom of a slipper).  So more yarn was obtained, and the next version of the slipper is underway. Not sure you could ask for a closer match on color, and it looks like it will be a tiny bit sturdier and thicker.  The yarn is new to me, but it certainly sounds interesting [...]

October 16, 2016|
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