Published On: May 11, 2009

needlesThe next socks are on the needles already.  They are based on the idea of a cable work sampler.  There are patterned ribs in four widths, each with a different design (three cables, one technically a traveling stitches, but the effect is the same).  An unpatterned rib starts on the back and wraps around the ankle and foot.  The pattern will be mirrored on the second sock.

The first sock is about 75% done.  The second may be a bit of a challenge, as I have to figure out how to mirror one of the patterns and am so far having no luck.  These are quite a bit more complicated than the last socks, so it will likely be a while until they are available.

These are surprisingly hard to photograph, but this should give you the idea.  More (and one hopes better) photos when the first one is finished.

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