Fancy Bit

Ahem. You can absolutely work the fancy bit with a contrast color. Just in case that's something you might ever find yourself wanting to do. This is a swatch for the new version of Constellate that should be out late this summer. You'll be seeing more of it as we [...]

June 1, 2023|

You know those comments that, in the past, would have wrecked your mood for days? But now you just shrug and go 'eh, some people are like that?'⁠ ⁠ Because that's what happens when I get comments about my prices these days. And I kind of love it. It feels [...]

May 26, 2023|

Expound is out on both ravelry and payhip! It's a perfect way to turn little bits of leftover yarn into something absolutely magical, and it's 15% off with the code STITCHED for the first few days it's out. Look, no one is more surprised than me. But it turns out, [...]

May 23, 2023|
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