Now all we need is a cloudy day and some good beach rocks for some proper photos.⁠ ⁠ This will likely be going up for testing over where that normally happens here in the next couple of hours (I do testing calls on patreon, they're on public posts, anyone can [...]

June 11, 2024|

I have it on good authority that the stars may align here shortly and I might be able to get pics of these with, you know, feet in them. At which point they will stop being free will instead be for sale like a regular pattern.⁠ You know...just in case [...]

June 8, 2024|
Magic trick

Either you already know this, or you're going to be mad no one told you sooner. You know how there are a bunch of different directions for left- and right-leaning decreases, and twisted left- and right-leaning decreases, and left- and right-leaning decreases on the wrong side, and twisted left- and [...]

June 7, 2024|

You know you want it. I know you want it. Everyone wants to grab one of these and go ‘pinch pinch pinch’ and listen to the clasp go ‘thunk thunk thunk.’ Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Everyone feels that way sometimes. If you wish to indulge this base desire, the [...]

June 6, 2024|

I told you there would be further dalliances. These things happen. At least to me. When left unattended. Around soft things. And shiny things. And stabby things.⁠ Really this is a failure of supervision more than anything else and can hardly be held accountable for that.

June 5, 2024|
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