I...I am usually not fond of stockinette. It makes my brain too sleepy. However I have made an exception for this, both because the yarn is so damn yummy (Seven Sisters Arts will do that) and because the (rather sedate) giant pile of stockinette will turn into the closest thing [...]

April 8, 2024|

Ya know how I'm always saying my brain loves to find something fun and then just keep exploring it for as long as I can? Yeah, I suspect Woolly Wormhead's brain might work like that too! They've been playing with short row colorwork for quite some time, and now it's [...]

March 30, 2024|

Ok, which one do we like best? The first one is one embroidery option, the second is the same pattern (in a different color of yarn) with a second embroidery option, and the third one is the first hat before I got my filthy hands all over it and doodled [...]

March 28, 2024|
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