Every time

Every time a pattern for a tiny thing gets popular I get comments like this. These read "I would recommend checking the price again. It is disproportionate to patterns for sweaters in 7 sizes" & "Nice design and commentary, but I simply cannot justify $10 for a washcloth….nor do I [...]

February 22, 2024|

Yes, yes knitting yourself beautiful, squishy, scrubby, luxurious washcloths is a little indulgent. But guess what? You are allowed to be indulgent with yourself. I actually think you should find ways to make the ordinary moments in your life as pleasant as possible. Use the nice napkins, even if you're [...]

February 20, 2024|

With all the Squishy Feelings Nonsense yesterday, I didn't actually talk much about the knitting. Let's fix that! This is a swatch to work out out some sizing for the first of the socks I'm revisiting. Like I said yesterday, a lot of the earliest patterns only came in one [...]

February 19, 2024|
Old Flame

Remember how I said I was having a fling with an old flame (aka socks, my first knitting love)? Well, it's official, I'm still fond of socks (even if my shoulder doesn't allow for a long term relationship). And next month will mark fifteen YEARS since my first pattern came [...]

February 18, 2024|

What do you think, did I hit the goal (not invisible, but fairly subtle)? I'm pretty happy with it! The first pic is the mend after the sweater was washed and let to dry, the second pic is before I washed it. Just like with most any other knitting project, [...]

February 17, 2024|
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