Glutton for Punishment
Published On: May 21, 2009

More non-knitting stuff today.  I promise next time there will be pictures of yarn or at least discussion of it.  We’re off to the Great Lakes Fiber Show this weekend, and that should be good for some yarn-y indulgence.

On the plumbing front, the dismemberment stage seems to have reached its conclusion, and the reconstruction has begun.  We now have drywall instead of holes.  It is an improvement, but the upstairs bathroom still has no actual plumbing fixtures, just a lot of pipes.  This fairly severely impedes its utility as a bathroom.  Despite this rather glaring lack, I am assured all is going as intended and will be well in the end.

yardNow, before the surprise plumbing adventure, we had planned to put a patio in our back yard.  We have the world’s smallest yard.  It’s about 20 feet across and 40 feet deep.  The back half is very shady.  Nothing much more than moss and weeds will grow back there.  The previous owners had a play set, but we’d rather have a patio.  We’d been wanting it for years and finally decided to do it.  A week later the wall started crying.

The patio was already under contract though, so it’s going in anyways.  Work started today.  It’s a noisy noisy day around these parts, and I’ve got the whole street parked up with work trucks.  I should make apology cookies for the neighbors.


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