Published On: May 22, 2009

embonpointEmbonpoint: \äⁿ-bōⁿ-ˈpwaⁿ\ adjective

-sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure

Allow me to present my newest creation, Embonpoint!

The name is perfect on several counts.  First, this is the most luciously fat sock yarn I’ve ever seen.  It is thick enough that the socks work up quickly, but still thin enough to fit inside of most shoes.  It has a nice tight twist, making the strands marvelously plump and firm.  The name works for the pattern too.  There is a lovely round little faux cable.  It’s great fun to make, doesn’t take a cable needle, and makes adorable little circles.  Finally, the cuff of the sock is made on straight needles and then joined up for working in the round in such a way that it absolutely will not bother you if you’re having a puffy ankle sort of day.

Also, it’s just a damn nifty word.  If you want to hear the official dictionary droid pronounce it for you, just go here.  It’s great fun to say.

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