Published On: June 4, 2009

beerThis past weekend featured a brief jaunt to Washington D.C. to visit Savor, an “American craft beer and food experience.”  Should you ever wish to sample a hundred or so sorts of beer in the space of five hours, this is the event for you.  I am generally pro beer, but this rather taxed my limits.  Apparently my palate isn’t quite sophisticated enough to appreciate all that the beer world has to offer.  Several of the selections caused me to wrinkle my nose and make amusing faces, though many were quite tasty.

Perhaps more importantly, and certainly more to the point, the drive (six and a half hours each way, though it was too dark to knit for much of it) provided plenty of knitting time.  Embonpoint is well underway.  The first sock is finished and the second about half done. The first draft of the pattern is done, and being reviewed by a select cadre of brilliant testers. I hope to send it off to Schaefer in a week or two and to have it available for sale soon after.

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