Twist Twist Twist
Published On: July 29, 2009

bines_2Sorry for the disappearing act.  I was off playing in the woods with The Boy and his family.  I don’t, as a general rule, do woods.  The woods are traditionally in that space known as outside, and I am philosophically opposed to outside.  Outside is where the evil scorching sun lives, and his minions (itchy) plants and (creepy) bugs can cause all sorts of mayhem if you spend too much time out there.  It is much safer to stay inside with the books and the air conditioning and the refreshing beverages. The knitting is also generally found inside.

I was, however, able to finish up the first of the newest pair of socks, Bines.  They do, at least, look woodsy, despite my concerted effort to keep them out of any actual woods.  Green and twisty and leafy.  Pretty, see?  And yes, they are full to the brim of twisted stitches (even twisted decreases).  I love twisted stitches and am using them with great abandon.bines_3

Things may be a bit quiet over the next week as I’m getting ready for Sock Summit.  Fear not though, I have procured a wee tiny laptop for taking with me to Sock Summit, so I can natter on endlessly while I’m there.

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