The Sun Will Come Out…
Published On: September 24, 2009

Or rather The Boy will come home while the sun has come out. For that unusual confluence of events is really all that is standing in the way of releasing the Xanthophyll socks. They’ll be out tomorrow morning! Just as exciting, the marvelous folks over at Shalimar Yarns have agreed to donate a skein of the Zoe Sock in Sapote (the yarn I used to make the socks) to a lucky reader. I’ll post the details tomorrow, but it will be another of the ‘leave a comment, get a chance to win’ sort of things.

The next release will be a free pattern as part of a mystery knit along on Ravelry. The first part of that will be coming out on October 1, and I’ll post a link here to the Ravelry group for anyone who wants to join in.

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