Published On: October 21, 2009

sock3Calcareous is live, click here if you’d like to make yourself a pair, or to find out what I meant by yesterday’s crack about my misspent youth.

I also have the distinct pleasure of announcing that Sharon at Three Irish Girls has graciously agreed to donate a skein of the gorgeous Adorn Sock yarn I used to make these socks to one lucky reader!

Now lately, I’ve had the marvelous experience of being contacted by several talented yarn dyers asking me to design patterns for them.  This has been (and continues to be) great fun, but that’s not what happened here.  Here, I saw the Three Irish Girls yarn at Sock Summit, fell madly in love, and simply had to have it.  There was no other choice, it had to be mine.  I got it home, and turned it into socks as quickly as possible.  Calcareous is the result.

sock2Once they were finished, I gathered up my courage, showed a picture of them to Sharon, and asked if maybe just maybe she’d be willing to donate a skein of the yarn to the blog.  She said yes, so now I get to share the fun of this yarn with one of you!

So here’s the plan.  I’m hooked and will have to knit with this yarn again.  The only difficulty is picking a colorway.  So, if you want to be entered for a chance to win the yarn, go to Three Irish Girls, look at the lovely colors, and leave a post here telling me which one I should knit with next.  I’ll leave the comments open till about noon eastern time, on Friday, October 23.  Later on Friday, I’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments and email that person with more information.

EDIT:  Don’t forget that you need to mention one of Three Irish Girl’s colorways to qualify for the drawing…Some of the comments haven’t, and I thought I’d mention it again to be sure!

ETA:  Closing comments now, will come back later to post the winner!

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