Deep in the Heart of Texas
Published On: November 18, 2009

scatterling1Well I didn’t get eaten by (or even see) a coyote.  I did, however, see an armadillo (dead), a donkey, a few sheep, horses, cows (all alive), and several goats (quite lively).  No, we didn’t go to a petting zoo, these were just all hanging out by the side of the road as we drove around.  There were also a variety of spiny plants that would have been perfect for hanging socks on.  Alas, my organizational skills were not up to par and I never managed to find picturesque plants when I had completed socks with me.  Instead I found them when I had half an inch of the cuff of a super secret sock with me.  The first half inch of socks is not usually all that interesting, and super secret socks are not yet fair game for photos anyway.

I was correct in my concern that the three to-be-toed socks would not have been enough knitting.  I finished all three the first day.  The first toe was for the pink socks shown in an earlier post.  Those socks are now done, washed, and being blocked.  The pattern is done except for a final photo and should go up early next week.

The other two toes were for members of the secret sock society I’ve been running of late.  They were the toes of my grandfather’s birthday socks.  I didn’t know his shoe size, so I had to bring the socks with me in an almost complete state and then finish them after deploying my spy (sister) to determine his size.  I had taken a picture of the toeless socks before we left, but I wanted to get a picture of the finished socks as well.  The hotel didn’t provide any picturesque backdrops, so I was starting to lose hope.  Then we stopped by the local yarn store (totally accidentally I’m sure) Stonehill Spinning, and  I bought a bit of yarn.  As we left, I realized that both the porch and the parking lot fence were suitably photogenic.  I did a quick sock shuffle and snapped a few pics.  I figure it’s a yarn store, they’ll understand the need to document your knitting, right?


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