Abominable Snowman Found
Published On: December 22, 2009

purplesnowDo you see that fluffy white stuff over there?  That’s snow.  Those pink things dangling out in the cold with no protective covering?  Those are my toes.  Yup, I went outside barefoot in the snow to get a sock picture for you.  Well, half barefoot, there seemed no reason for the other foot to suffer too.  And just for the record, the white speckles on the leg of the sock up by the cuff are snowflakes, not lint.  I keep a lint roller by the camera and am fairly good at de-linting before I take photos.  I am, however, not cool enough to pick off individual snowflakes while hopping one-footed in the snow.  The neighbors already have concerns, and I see no need to confirm their suspicions.

If you’re feeling particularly observant, you may have noticed that these socks are on my shiny new Signature double points (size 1, 8″, stiletto points in case you’re keeping track).  They were a birthday present this weekend and were immediately pressed into service.  As soon as I opened them, I started knitting the ribbon the package had been decorated with (you know, just to be sure they worked and all).

I used to think the Signature needles were a ridiculous extravagance.  Who in their right mind would spend that much on five little sticks?  Then I went to Sock Summit and got to see them in person.  I wandered past the booth half a dozen times before I finally sat down and tried them.  I’m fairly convinced they must dust their tester needles with a light sprinkle of crack.  It’s the only way to explain the dazed looks and empty wallets of the people staggering away from the booth.  I happily joined the ranks of the addicted and haven’t looked back.

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