Yarn Love
Published On: December 28, 2009

All of my suspicions about Happy Feet DK have been proven correct!   I am in love.  It is just the right thickness for my preferred needle/tension/foot combination.  It’s just thick enough to feel fast.  Now knitting is not and will never be the quickest way to get socks.  Speed is not the point.  But I’m willing to bet that most of us wouldn’t mind too terribly much if the process took just a tiny bit less time.  This yarn takes care of it.  I need about 10% fewer stitches around the circumference of the sock, which makes quite a lot of difference over the course of the whole sock.  I’ve got a second color of the yarn hanging out in the stash, and I have a feeling it will be making an appearance on the needles soon.  The yardage on this yarn is such that I might even have enough leftovers from these two pairs to make a third pair.

As for the knitting, I’ve been zipping along on the as-of-yet-unnamed purple socks from a few posts ago.  I finished the first one in 4 days (nearly unheard of) and have about 2 days of knitting left to do on the second one.  These are now firmly and forever cast as the 2009 holiday socks, as I started them on The Boy’s birthday, cast on the second on my birthday, and worked on them all through the Christmas holiday.  With any luck they’ll be done before the new year and might even be photographed on our upcoming New Year’s Eve excursion.  Testers have the pattern, and it should be out in January or February.

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