Use the Good Stuff
Published On: January 8, 2010

graupel_largeAt its heart, knitting is just using sticks to tie string into an overly complicated slip knot.  It really doesn’t take much in the way of tools.  You certainly can go out and buy a closet full of supplies and gadgets, but you don’t need to.  All you really need are needles and yarn.  So if that’s all you need, why not use the good stuff?

That’s what I’m doing here.  The yarn is Hand Maiden’s Casbah Sock in Pewter, and it is a treat to work with.  It is a bit more expensive than what I normally buy, but it is absolutely worth it.  The color, feel, and durability are all outstanding.  The needles are my new Kollage square DPNs in a size 2.  I’d been pondering these for a long time, but I finally gave in and am glad I did.  They give me the gauge I’d get with 1.5s but are as comfortable to use as 2s.  I’m a loose knitter, and tiny needles hurt my hands, so this helps me get a sturdy fabric.

The combination of really nifty yarn and super comfortable needles is making this a marvelous sock to work on, even though it’s quite simple.  It’s the only thing I want to work on at the moment, in part because it’s so much fun to do and in part because I want them done so I can wear them!

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