Take a Dip
Published On: February 9, 2010

poolI know that some people hate pooling…loathe it…devote great amounts of time and energy to stomping it out in all its forms.  I get it.  Really I do.  Under the best of circumstances, pooling is chancy and unpredictable.  Any hint of pooling seriously increases the risk of knitting failure and dramatically lessens the likelihood you’ll get two matching socks.  And, if we’re being honest there are some really staggeringly ugly examples of pooling gone bad.

But…every now and then…just by chance…it works.  And by works I mean works for me.  You may think this is the ugliest thing ever to fall off my needles.  That’s fine.  You’re entitled.  I’d take it as a kindness if you didn’t tell me if you think it’s horrifying, but even if you do I’m still going to love it.  It’s just so regular and orderly and somehow tidy.

Of course I’m about to send all appearance of order straight to hell by blithely inserting a heel and gusset, but I think the love will continue.

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