Published On: February 10, 2010

As promised – Graupel.  Just in time for your Olympic knitting pleasure!


I’m sure it’s terribly conceited of me to say it, but I’m awfully pleased with these.  I know, I like them all (I’m hardly going to put out a pattern I don’t like, now am I?), but these are really rather special.

They start out with a lovely crisp ribbing.  It’s a ridiculously simple 4 row repeat that you’ll have memorized in no time at all.  Once you’re done with that, you make a nice neat heel flap with a tiny little decoration down each side to keep things interesting.  A basic gusset is next.  Then comes my favorite part – the nifty arch shaping.  I promise it’s easier than it looks, and it produces a really marvelous effect.  After all that excitement you’re due for a quiet spell, so after the shaping you just knit straight until you’re ready for the toes.


These work for men or women (really, if you do them in a dark color, they look textured not lacy and will pass muster with most guys).  They’re written for 2 sizes, and by using either thick or thin sock yarn, you can create them in most any size from a women’s small through a men’s large.  The pattern also includes instructions for continuing the ribbing straight down the foot without the arch shaping, just in case you want some more conservative socks.


If you need to make some yourself, just click here!

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