Remember These?
Published On: February 22, 2010

bluemittThe cute sweet simple little mitts that took all of a few hours to knit up?   From way back in December?  Yeah, well, neither did I.  Until yesterday that is, when I realized my hands were cold, recalled I was a knitter and that knitters have ways of dealing with this condition that do not involve turning up the heat, went looking for some of my old fingerless mitts, and stumbled across them.

What I found was most of a ball of yarn skewered by a small handful of needles, one completed and blocked mitt, and one folded scrap of paper covered in cryptic charts.  There was not a number or a word of explanation to be seen.  Now I know better, really I do.  Alas knowing better does not seem to translate into acting better.

After a few minutes of staring and poking at the completed mitt I more or less got it sorted out and knit most of the second mitt in an afternoon.  I even took notes this time.  I just cast off the second, and they’re hanging to dry.  Pictures tomorrow (depending on the weather/light), and the pattern (free I’m thinking…it’s been a while since I did a free one…maybe for the one year anniversary of this website) a bit later.

Anyone have an idea for a name?

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