Published On: February 27, 2010

greenhorn_sideTurns out that bit about ‘when the snow lets up’ was overly optimistic.  As far as I can tell the snow is never letting up.  It will continue forever.  Sled dogs and igloos are starting to sound eminently practical.

I had grand plans for taking pictures of the blue mitts (adumbrate…I’m thinking they will be called adumbrate).  Alas, taking pictures of your own hands involves a substantial amount of fiddling around with the tripod, swearing, knocking the camera over, swearing, sitting still while the timer runs down, swearing, and just generally having a bad go of it.  I can barely bring myself to do it when it’s sunny and mild outside.  The idea of doing it in heavy snow while shivering just didn’t appeal.

I could (just) manage to toss a sock on a blocker, hang the thing on a tree, and snap a quick shot.  Please note the snowflakes clinging to the sock and commend me on my nobility.  Please also note the nifty way the gusset and heel go together.

greenhorn_heelI officially like this construction and will likely use it again.  The pattern is written, but this one will be a while in the testing process.  Because it is an unusual way to build a sock, I want to have extra testers so I can be sure the instructions are as clear as possible.  I’ll likely put it out for testing in a week or two, and will post here to let you know where to go to volunteer.

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