Olympic Glory?
Published On: March 8, 2010

So I sort of did it, but only sort of.  The official goal was ‘don’t cast on any new projects.’  The unofficial goal (which seemed to follow rather naturally from the official goal) was ‘get lots of stuff done.’  I totally met the first goal.  Despite severe temptation (we went to a fiber festival right at the beginning of the Olympics–this was not a plan designed to foster restraint), I didn’t cast on anything new.

Alas, I also didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped.  I did make some progress.  I finished a pair of secret socks, and they’ve gone off to a magazine for their photo shoot, which I find both hysterical and deeply awesome.  I finished the adumbrate mitts, wrote the pattern, and started the testing process.  I finished the first of the greenhorn socks and wrote the first draft of the pattern.

The one thing I didn’t finish was The Boy’s xanthophyll socks.  Almost, but not quite.  It turns out these socks have scads more stitches than any of the other socks I’ve made.  They’re just slow.  Pretty, but slow.  Luckily, this weekend we took a trip that provided many many many hours of knitting time, and now they’re done.medal-blog-button

I’m still taking the medal.  I’m using the whole experience as proof that it’s important to define your goals clearly.  My official goal was ‘don’t cast on any new projects,’ and I met that.  I might have had ‘finish every single ongoing project’ in the back of my mind as some sort of mythical extra goal, but that wasn’t ever really going to happen.  I met the official goal, I’m calling it a success.  (This is the likely-unnecessary-but-I-like-to-be-extra-careful disclaimer.  The picture is created by Franklin Habit, provided by Yarn Harlot, and used with permission.  Please do not write and tell me I’m stealing it, mkay?)

Come back later in the week for the finished (and free) pattern for adumbrate!

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