And Yet More Testing
Published On: March 10, 2010


Lest you be worried I’ve abandoned socks (perish the thought), allow me to set your mind at ease.  I’ve got the newest sock, greenhorn, up for testing.  Click the picture for a much bigger version.  As usual, the place to volunteer is on Ravelry.

I need several testers for these, as they come in two sizes and the left and right socks are mirror images of each other.  If you’ve got time to knit one sock over the next two(ish) weeks and want to get first crack at these (you know…while the pattern still has mistakes and lacks pretty pictures and isn’t yet quite perfect…gee don’t I know how to sell and idea), I’d love your help.

The pattern talks in some detail about how the sock is constructed.  Once you’ve made these socks, you should be able to use this construction in other projects.  It’s a handy thing to add to your sock toolkit.  There is a tiny bit of math, but it really only involves basic addition and subtraction, so I’m sure you can do it.

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