Do You See That?
Published On: March 30, 2010

greenhorn_squareI tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.  I tried hard.  But alas, I can no longer ignore it.  Look at those stripes.  On the left, big stripes on the top and little stripes on the bottom.  On the right, little stripes on the top and big stripes on the bottom.

Also, and perhaps even more infuriating, the sock on the left is far brighter than the sock on the right.  I am displeased.  Rather amazingly displeased.  I could probably get past the striping thing, but the color is really throwing me.

I’m considering washing the left sock a few extra times or maybe leaving it to soak overnight to see if I can get it to lighten up. I actually far prefer the bright colors, but I can’t think of a way to brighten up the lighter sock, so I think I’ll have to settle for dulling down the bright one.

I’m pondering over dyeing.  I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that the pattern is cool, the yarn base is lovely, but the dye job is rubbish.  That’s what over dyeing is for, right?  Any reason that would be a terrible idea?

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