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Published On: April 5, 2010

Greenhorn should be out Wednesday or Thursday.  The socks are finished (you already knew that), the pattern is finished (you probably knew that too), and the testers are finished.  And let me assure you, these were tested out the wazoo.  I’ve had several people make each size and each side (left or right).  Don’t be afraid of the new heel.  It will seem funny the first time you do it, but then again every new kind of heel you’ve ever  made seemed funny the first time you did it, right?  Don’t lie.  You know it did.  This is no different, and no harder.

I’ve actually included a little worksheet that shows you how to do the math needed to use this heel on any sock.  That way, if you fall madly in love with the fit, you can convert a regular heel flap sock into this sort of sock with just the tiniest bit of math.  (Really tiny amounts of math.  Dividing by 2 is the hardest bit.  Third graders can do this.)  Think of it as one more tool in your arsenal of weapons against unsightly pooling.  Or maybe as a way to avoid having to pick up and knit the stitches on the side of a heel flap.

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