Interstices (and Giveaway)
Published On: April 20, 2010

The pattern for Interstices is now available.  There’s a wee giveaway, read on for details.

I probably shouldn’t say it, but I sort of love these.  They’re quick, can be made from leftover bits of sock yarn, and are super stretchy.  All of that makes them eminently suitable for gift/swap knitting.  They look far more complicated than they are (the main repeat is only 4 rows long), which always feels somehow both sneaky and deeply satisfying.  Add in their shamelessly frilly fluffy frivolous nature and their bargain price ($1.99 through Knit Picks Independent Designer program), and I’m not sure you could really ask for more.

And yet, I do have one more thing to offer.  I’ve got yarn to give away — two skeins this time.  The yarn is Knit Picks Imagination, one skein of Damsel (the color shown in the pictures) and another of Unicorn (another suitably pink bit of frippery).  Since I’ve got two skeins of yarn, I want to do two slightly different giveaways.  You’ve got a pretty decent chance of winning, so pay attention!

The first is super simple. Just leave a comment.  That’s it, that’s all.  Leave a comment, and use a real email address.  In a few days, I’ll randomly pick a comment, email the winner to ask for a mailing address, and send off the yarn.  I’ll also send this pattern and another of the winner’s choice.  Easy as pie, right?

The second is just a tiny bit more complicated, but I’m sure you can manage it.  I want to give those folks who’ve bought my patterns an extra chance to win.  So, if you’ve ever bought one of my patterns, leave a comment with the name of the pattern you’ve purchased.  Again, use a real email address.  In a few days, I’ll randomly pick one of these comments, email the winner with some sort of very easy question to make sure they really have the pattern, ask for a mailing address, and send off the yarn.  Again, I’ll include this pattern and another of the winner’s choice.  And yes, if you’ve bought more than one pattern you can leave more than one comment.

So just to recap, everyone who leaves a comment is entered in the first giveaway.  If you’ve ever bought any of my patterns, leave the name of the one you bought in another comment (or comments) to be entered in the second giveaway.  If you don’t use a real email address, you can’t win (no one but me will see your email addresses, and I won’t do anything with them other than contact the winners).  I’ll leave comments open for at least three days.

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