Published On: May 1, 2010

As promised, the newest pattern is up!

Actually, calling them new might be a tiny bit of a fib.  Remember the socks I made for my grandfather’s birthday back in November?  These are a slightly remixed version of those (making them one of about three patterns I’ve been able to knit twice).  I’ve managed to (more or less) keep quiet about them over the last few months.  They did make one quick appearance when we went to Hershey, PA for New Year’s Eve (they’re chocolate colored after all), but they’ve otherwise stayed hidden away.

I’m unreasonably pleased with them.  They’re a nice unisex mix of a sturdy cable and a basic rib with a slightly funky gusset.  The cables are mirrored, to suit those of us who feel deeply that this is the only proper way to do socks.  There’s enough going on to keep you interested but not enough to make them hard.

These are being released in a slightly different way.  They’re part of the summer issue of Knitcircus.  If you’ve just got to make them now, you can find the entire issue online right now.  You’ll get the pattern for Scatterling, and a bunch of other patterns too, in one tidy package.  If you’d rather wait a bit, 3 months to be precise, they’ll be available as an individual pattern directly from me.

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