Book Yarn, Part II
Published On: June 2, 2010

Lovely as the Schaefer yarn is, 2 skeins do not a book make.  Don’t worry though, there is rather a lot more.  The second yarn to arrive was Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Mediumweight in the color In the Navy.

As with the Schaefer, this is not the first time I’ve worked with Blue Moon.  I’ve used it for two pairs of socks before I started designing and two pairs since.  Ensnared, one of my first designs, was made with it as was Scatterling, one of my most recent.

This is another of those yarns that is just slightly on the thickish side of normal sock yarns.  By now you know that these thick yarns are always a winner for me.  It’s also a marvelously round and firm yarn.  I’m sure once I get better at spinning I’ll be able to explain that properly, but for now that’s the best I can do.

Lucky me, I get to meet Tina Newton, the mastermind behind BMFA this summer at the Silk Retreat.  Until then, there’s lots more yarn to come.  I’ve got a pile carefully stored in my closet, and more is winging its way through the post as I type.  I do worry that the postman is starting to wonder what’s going on…

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